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    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    MSN is annoying!

    We love changing phones, cars, laptop if we are given more moolah to do so. After a certain age, you just want to be stable, you hope for no change even if the changes can be beneficial to your life. Every time when I change a new phone, I need more time to get use to the phone so that I won't call the wrong person., no typo errors and etc. One thing I hate the most about MSN is that they keep changing their functions and updating their version very quickly. By the time I know about the emotion icons, they already have the new anime function. This time round, I have not log into my account for many donkey years and the message I got this morning was:

    The annoying part is that I hate to download things. It takes ages especially with the malaysia broadband speed. So, I clicked 'No' but this window kept pop up. If there isn't any choice for me to click on 'No' and why give me an opinion! Stupid MSN!

    You know what, I just didn't go online because of the silly MSN. I am using ebuddy now temporary.

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