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    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    Babes' Night Out

    Today I get to celebrate surviving the most painful day of my life giving birth to my two daughters one year ago. Giving birth can be one of the most wonderful experience in the world  but it can also be one of the most scariest moment for any mother. If anyone tell u that Giving Birth is less PAINFUL than getting a tattoo ask for permission to slap him or her. ( I would really appreciate the output of mothers with tattoo.

    I can still remember the 1st of March 2010 just like it was yesterday.

    1st March 2010
    I was heavily pregnant with Alicia and Alison. They were not due to come out for another two to three weeks and I was suppose to undergo a cesarean section where they cut me up to deliver the babies with no pain or suffering involved at all.  However things never turn out the way my doctor planned and my little darlings chose to check out earlier. I kept on telling Alfred that I was going to deliver two weeks prior to the delivery day until the point that he just got sick and tired of listening to the same thing. (I was heavily pregnant and experiencing alot of contraction and pain in my stomach at that point in time). Things got so bad that I couldnt move out of my bedroom. I didnt even realized that my water broke during that two weeks and I had been leaking fluid until it was too late.

    That idiot husband of mine practically ignored me and happily went off to work on the day that I delivered my two angels.

    As the pain in my stomach did not go away and I was experiencing alot of strong contraction, I decided to speak with my mother as I was still staying with my mother back than. Each minute was so painful that I had a very strong feeling that I was going to give birth on that very day and it didnt take much to convince my mother that I was due to deliver. As I was staying in Klang and my doctor was all the way in Kuala Lumpur, my mum had to rushed me all the way to the Tungshin hospital around nine in the morning.

    Traffic was so bad that it took me almost two hours to reach the hospital. The contractions in my stomach were getting stronger. Alicia and Alison really wanted to come out and I almost gave birth in the car. Thanks god that I managed to reach Tung Shin hospital on time. I was so scared and my heart was racing wildly. By that time I reached the hospital, it was already too late for my doctor to do a caesarean section and he told me, "Vicky, it is too late for me to do anything. You have no choice but to deliver naturally!!

    Apparently giving birth to a single child involves alot of energy and pain. Imagine giving natural birth to two babies. Did I ever tell you that giving natural birth was painful?

    Even though I went through the whole natural delivering process in less than half an hour in the hospital, I will alway remind my husband of mine that it was the most painful moment of my life. The worst thing was that my husband was working and he was not there at the most painful moment of my life.

    One Year Later

    Today is one of the happiest day in my life. Today, my twins turned one years old. Happy birthday to my darlings Alicia and Alison. Mummy and Daddy loves you very much. A big shout out to Winston and Pauline for being there to celebrate their birthday and also a big thank you to all my friends and family for the well wishes and presents received.

    Please enjoy the pictures of my two adorables celebrating their birthday at Pasta Zanmai, Midvalley. (located on the 1st floor of Midvalley, next to Madam's Kwan restaurant.) The chefs at Pasta Zanmai serves two of my most favourite dishes, pasta and japanese food together at affordable prices.
    Alicia and Alison had a good time together.   A picture is worth a thousand words or so they say!!!

    Look at all their presents. Sometimes being a parent means getting to enjoy going through childhood again. We get to play with toys we never had as kids and eat their food. Muahhahahaha!!!

     Hope you enjoy reading about Alicia and Alison as much as I enjoyed sharing about them!!!

    When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half.
    Gracie Allen



    1. Arghh!!! Such a pair of beautilful angels!! How I wish I am there to celebrate their Birthday together!! Thanks for uploading those lovely photos and gave birth to the two gorgeous princesses!! Muacksssss You're the BEST Vicky!!! Love you always!!

    2. hahahaa...this article is fun. going through chilhood again. happy b'lated b'days to ur gurls.


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