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    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Pasta Monster / Getting a ticket

    Today, there are two things that I would like to share about.

    Pasta Monster

    My husband prepared lunch for me while I was out in the morning. He prepared three dishes, i.e spaghetti bolognese, a garden salad and sliced french loaves. Pasta dishes are simple to prepare and tasty when done right. The hard part is preparing the sauce (u can buy the sauce instead of preparing it) whereas the easy part is washing up the mess he created.

    My babies gobbled the spaghetti down and nibbled through the salad.They enjoyed every last bit of the spaghetti. Here is an adorable pic of my youngest one eating pasta

                                                      Pasta Monster
    Getting a ticket

    Today, my husband, who is normally a cool, calm and reserved guy, lose his temper. Apparently, he was driving his car out on his way to the post office at Carrefour when he was asked to stop at a police roadblock.

    The traffic police officer in their smart white uniform first ask for the driving license and identity card. He then proceeded to say , "We are charging you for using your handphone while driving." My husband ask the police officer whether it was a crime to hold a phone while driving. The police officer replied in the positive and answered that he has reason to believe that my husband could be reading sms or using his handphone. Therefore he can charge my husband for using a handphone.
    Now my husband was really cheesed off and ask the police officer since when it was a crime to drive while holding a handphone???? Many people drive with one hand? Is that a crime? It doenst make sense at all. If he was using the phone than by all means the police can charge him.

    According to my husband, the only reason he took out the handphone in the first place was because he was in front of a traffic light that was broken before the police block and he wanted to call DBKL to sort out the traffic light. Apparently when  he saw the police block, the first thing he did when they pull him over was to inform the police officer that the traffic light at the section before was broken. The police officer had answered rudely that is not his problem. My husband then told him that the traffic light had been broken for three days and what is he going to do about it? The police officer replied that this is not his jurisdiction and other people will come to sort it out. In fact the traffic light has still not been repaired.

    The police officer kept on insisting that my husband was holding a handphone while driving and that he could charge him for using a handphone while driving under reasonable grounds. My husband was so pissed off he told the police officer to charge him for using a handphone but he is not going to pay the summon. The police officer than proceeded to charge him and now my poor husband has to go to the magistrate court to sort out this mess and challenge the summon.

    What would you have done if you were in the same situation? Do you agree that holding ur handphone while driving is a chargeable offence? Does holding a handphone amount to using the handphone while driving?

    The Summon in Question

    Excuse given : Hold on officer, I wasnt the one driving the car that day, it was my daughter who did it !!!

                                                        Dont put us in jail ! I beg you officer!

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