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    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Special Thanks

    A sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to people who has helped me. Without them, I really don't know how am I gonna cope with two kids at this young age of mine. First of all, thanks to my hubby who has given me lots of motivation and encouragement. Second, my BIL and FIL has given me much help in our finances and time on babysitting. Besides, I have two close friends who has been doing those shopping for my babies. Honestly, I haven't been shopping for my babies' clothes ever since they were born just because I have them. Thank you KaiMa Su Yin and Winnie Ah Yee (thanks for all the effort, thanks KaiMa for calling me on their birthday). And finally lots of thanks to Pauline who has being persistence on motivating me. I really can't believe my daughter is 1 years old now. Can you?  

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