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    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    Prince William Kate Middleton vs Diana Charles

    A sincere congratulation to our new Duches of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge. I bet everyone was watching on Astro about the Royal Wedding. However, I notice something, I don't know if it is must to be the same for all the royal wedding. But it just came across my mind that their wedding is nothing different compare with our former Princess of Wales, Diana and Prince Charles. I was thinking to myself, could it be that William is in love with someone like his mother considering the fact that Kate has the same fashionable talent like his mother. The reason being was as below (sorry for the quality of editing) :

    Here's the recent past royal wedding before William and Kate

    They both have the remarkable engagement ring.

    Have the same sense of fashion.

    No doubt wearing the same trench coat.

    Waving to the public at the balcony

    Waving to the public in the Royal Horse Cart

    Kissing in the balcony

    Having same position while walking down the aisle

    Again, the princesses waving to the public alone

    Finally, they both have their same stamps published!

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