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    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    The House Belonging to Stanley Ho's 2nd Wife (The Most Expensive House in Toronto)

    Attention: This post consist of too many pictures that might cause your eye tired.
    This mansion belongs to Stanley Ho's 2nd wife. As of today in year 2011, this mega-mansion located at 9 High Point Road in Toronto , is not only the most expensive listing in Toronto , but all of Canada ! There are two pieces of land listed in the Vancouver area for over $30 million, but this is the current front-runner for houses in Canada .
    Located in Toronto 's most expensive neighborhood, the house has all the prerequisites for a mega-mansion. For example 4,000+ sq ft. master bedroom. Please check out Bowling alley, indoor pool and tennis courts? Obviously. Multiple kitchens, a gigantic atrium and other over-the-top amenities? Current list price: $26,800,000 CAD ($ 26.98m USD)

    Have you get what I mean now?

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    1. No wonder the rich are lonely, I would be too if I lived alone in a Giant Empty Mall... its like entering the Zombie Apocalypse lol. And every thing's White, so sterile and distant... Its pretty but so empty. And just Why? why This when they could change a persons Life with all that money, all that excess for Nothing, how empty their lives and their hearts must be... :( I now see how a person can have Everything and Nothing at the same time...

      ~Kissindra Schlepp


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