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    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Oprah Winfrey Says She Feels Love

    Hollywood's A-list celebrities bid farewell to Oprah Winfrey yesterday in a double-taping of her talk show that included messages from her fans around the world.
    "I feel the love and I thank you for it," Winfrey told the crowd. "Thank you for being a part of this great night, this celebration of what you have done for `The Oprah Winfrey Show.' You have made it possible for us to stand for 25 years."
    Oprah has been one of the biggest inspiration of all the stars, bid goodbye after being 25 years on the show.
    Throughout her life, Oprah has been through lots of hardship. 
    Oprah who was born to a teenage single mother has constantly living in poverty during her childhood. On top of that, she has been constantly molested by his cousin, his uncle and a family friend at the age of nine. One of her sister died of cocaine addiction while one of his half-brother died of AIDS. Worst still, she got pregnant at the age of 14 and his son died shortly after birth.
    Yes, she may not have a beautiful childhood like us, and she do not have good background like some of you do but she has the success today. What you do in the past may not be important anymore as in today, you are the person that gain so much of respect and the success you gain today is priceless.
    'Doesn't matter how fast you get thereDoesn't matter what's waiting on the other side. It's the Climb.' 
    or I prefer my own version
    'It doesn't matter how you get there but it matter the most when you are there!'
    Keep motivate yourself and you will be there..... just like our Oprah!

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