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    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Osama bin Laden is Dead!

    Our 'friend' Afghanistan is dead, thanks to your beloved President of USA, OBAMA BARACK. Osama is dead and the Obama rises. Hmmm... it rhyme. The reason why Osama is being killed was because he is too HOT. You have to agree with me, don't you? He is well known for his terrorism 11th September 2001 and later being wanted by the USA.

    Our initial thought that he has been hiding in Afghanistan was WRONG. All this while he was hiding in a villa in Pakistan that worth a million dollar. At  this stage there is two unexplainable as to how did he manage to hide in Pakistan for so many years. Is the Pakistan government's competency to be questionable? Also, till today, the second day of his dead, the US insist on not revealing his corpse picture. All we would find is a picture that has been circulate around claiming it is Osama bin Laden but the actual fact the picture was taken in 1998 and has been photoshopped as if he has been bruised badly. And guess what, someone send me a link claiming is the Osama's death video. Being a KPC, I went on clicking on it without hesitating whether it is a virus or not. At the end I got the virus. T_T.....

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