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    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Water for Jady

    Have you ever wonder why someone else could be much better off than you? Have you ever? Please do tell me, I am dying to know.

    I think it is just a human nature that we likes to compare.

    Honestly, I have recently joined into insurance industry. I noticed that people over there talks about $$$ and designer brands but they have obvious neglect something call 'class'. Well, let's not go there. It will leave foots print all over the places.

    Of course, working in a sales industry meaning you have to bear with subsequently question as to whether you get the case or if you have hit your challenge and target. Leaving myself to the stressful environment to live on. I have to admit that I have not put my full effort into this job as to I was wondering if this is the best job for me. Considering the fact that my mom has spent so much of money on me to UK for doing Property Management and also Finance. Also, I have also a thought in my mind that I hate cool calling. Guess what, I have made myself reading books and books about selling and cool calling but it is not my type. I have heard from my hubby how his friends enjoying cool calling.

    The last thing I thought was my pride.

    Yes, nothing else I guess. I am a very prideful woman.

    I don't know how to help myself sometimes. When I was there to convince someone to change but I know right now I am at the cross of my road. On top of that I have tried several ways ... all I have is a failure. Or am I suppose to stick to what I am doing the best? Maybe time will proof it all. Hence why, don't ask why am I so busy, cos I am so busy with my problem.

    Seeking for water.......

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