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    Monday, June 27, 2011

    DIGI: Bubble Talk

    One fine day, I tried to call my client and I got a machine reply on the other side of the phone saying this "The person you are calling is unavailable at the moment, you can send bubble talk and bla bla bla... " I was like "What the hell is bubble talk?" I begin to google search bubble talk and I found zillions of bubble talk online. So, what is bubble talk? Sorry if you already know about this, I have to admit that I am a little Jakun when comes to technology stuff.

    As far as I know, currently only DIGI provides the bubble talk facility. So, I went typing and found this for you.

    What is BubbleTalk™?
    BubbleTalk™ is a "click talk and send" Short Voice Messaging Service (SVMS or voice-SMS). It's a "talk and listen" messaging alternative to the "type and read" service provided by SMS.

    Do I need to get my phone provisioned if I would like to use DiGi BubbleTalk™?
    No, DiGi BubbleTalk™ can be used by any mobile phone. 

    How much does one BubbleTalk™ message cost?

    Will I be able to send or receive BubbleTalk™ messages if my line is barred?
    If your line is barred/suspended, you will not be able to send BubbleTalk™ messages. However, you will still be able to receive and retrieve new BubbleTalk™ messages.

    Where can I get more information or help regarding BubbleTalk™?
    You may contact DiGi Customer Service at 016-221 1800. 

    Why is dialling *0* for retrieval is free but *1* is charged RM0.10?
    DiGi believes in providing fun and exciting services at reasonable prices. In our effort to make the service fun, we decided to have *0* retrieval for free. However, storing messages in the system comes with a price, just like voicemail storage. Thus, we still provide excellent value for money *1* call that plays up to 10 stored messages for only RM0.10 per call.

    And you know what, I am so gonna get digi to try out the Bubble Talk!

    Will let you know what it is like once I get to try the bubble talk.


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