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    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Lesson for the day: Don't over take an ELEPHANT!

    This is not funny but hilarious and I couldn't resist myself from laughing. Hence I must share it with you. Before that, I need to tell you that my youngest daughter's nickname is also ELEPHANT (ALISON=ELEPHANT) Say it a few times and you know what I mean. Don't you think it rhymes? So, this post does reflect on my Alison's attitude. Enjoy the pictures below:

    Drivers: Could you just walk a little bit faster, you b****** with four legs

    Driver: You sickening, I am cutting *bluekkk*

    Elephant: STOP! This is my AH GONG's road

    Elephant: B******? Who??!!
    Driver: Oh no....

    Elephant: *Smashhhhhhhhh

    Elephant: There you go.... Opps...You are not that lucky this time. RIP.

    Elephant: Hehe... Upside Down. Fun!

    Funny? If not, then next time.

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