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    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    New work, New life.

    My life has been like a roller coaster since last year. That's why I don't think it is worth mentioning hence I didn't even publish my 2010 recap which I have written it months ago. Everytime when I started to look at my recap 2010 draft both my hands started trembling. Gosh... How did I made it through I wonder. There are several times I wish I could just laid flat on the road waiting for the cars to cross over my body. Thanks God it is over now....

    I have so many dreams which I hope to achieve this year. I am still working on it although it may not be easy, and I know that I am not even close to my aims. But right now, I can be honest to tell you what I have been doing all this while that taken much of my time. But I have never forget you, really. Currently, I working as a Real Estate Agent as well as an Insurance Agent. I am expanding my internet business and will make an effort to go to China in July-August. Beside that, I am also a part time mother and also a part time wife who do not cook or wash. Last but not least, I am also a blogger from Nuffnang. Since January, no matter how hard I have been working, I have never see any good result. Enough! In June, yes in June this year, I wish to see flying colours.

    Will you be supporting me as well? If you do, please standby me.

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