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    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Supper Adventure 1: Taiwan Dami

    I am a boring type of person. I only stick to what I believe  is delicious in which I can easily count with my 10 fingers. My hubby loves me so much that what I love to eat will be what he eats too. That's too selfish I think to myself. For convenience sake, we have thrown in so much of junk into our precious stomach and most of it, our favourite McD that almost killed me for food poisoning last week. I told my hubby that, I must encourage myself to earn more money for the family. And so, everytime when I close a deal, I will take our family out for a nice meal. A nice meal meaning something new for us, something that is not too expensive but yet interesting. My biggest regret is that I wasted my four years in UK without trying enough restaurant in UK. Yes, I wasn't an adventurous girl but I will be an adventurous women. 

    Our first adventure begins in Taiwan Dami in Sri Petaling. This restaurant is pretty new and serve some common Taiwanese snacks and food. We order a few type of food but we both share together.

     The restaurant is just situated opposite of the Sri Petaling The Store.

    I know they have the famous Crispy Chicken Rice but we ordered a Garlic Chicken Rice instead and hubby loves it!

    My all time favourite dumpling but this time not at all. The taste wasn't as expected.

    Fried sweet potatoes. We forced ourselve to finish the whole plate. Hence no comment!

    This is something you must try, at least. But a little bit more pricy though for a small plate of sausage.

    Our Sour Plum Bubble Tea. Hubby may looks as if it is disgusting but it taste good and goes very well with the pearl. But....

    I don't like the fact that they have to do this.

    Don't know what I mean? Look at this, they have to join the straws due to the fact that the glass it too tall.

    And our soup of the day. Papaya soup. Nothing special at all.

    Overall.... My hubby gave ** and I think it is only ***

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