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    Monday, June 6, 2011

    What NOT TO Sell In This Era - A Smart Phone Analysis

    I don't know if you still remember those old days before the invention of lift, the rice company will employ labour to carry the rice from one place to another. And now, they no longer needs these labour, machine work wonders. Years before our smart phone, we carry 10 kg weight of handbag out. We put of course, our precious camera to capture the memories, a diary, book (just in case if you are bore waiting), MP3 and a watch. I remember it clearly when my first year in UK, I am just like a real nerd carrying those bag to the airport flying off to Malaysia. And now, I am just carrying a smart phone. Can you imagine, with the great creation of the technology, what will happen in the future. Just like the poor labour, we no longer need to carry lots of things in our live. And of course, knowing how to use a computer is no longer just a privilege but a necessity. Don't believe me?

    Look, when I was young, my mom used to buy my cartoons in video tape and now my kids are watching DVDs. During my time, watching DVD was like.... wow.... you are so bloody rich but come on, with the product from China nowadays, everyone can effort a DVD player and disc. In the future, I believe, my grandchildren will not know what is video type or DVD or even VCD. Why? These are people smart enough to sell music and movie in digital form online. Even better, nowadays they can get it for free via downloading songs and movies via sharing websites such as the, and more. Hence, those fella who selling pirated DVDs will be losing their business soon enough in the future.

    The next not to sell item is watch. If you think that people still need a watch to look at the time, think. If you think that maybe the kids need one, think again. We have a phone now. Even a simplest function phone has a digital clock and can be more accurate than your analog watch. Unlike our time, kids nowadays owns a phone since they could even read the number and tell the time. That show phone is dirt cheap in Malaysia. Unless, you are selling luxury watches, that's count a point. Otherwise, selling RM 10 watches on the street is not gonna help your living by now.

    Well, I have this habit of prefer to write on a diary of what I need to do for the day. And I find it very helpful for me and so is everyone. BUT, don't forget a smart phone can works wonders. They have a function of diary and even better, they comes with an alarm to remind you that you have an appointment so that you will never miss it. How convenience that is? Moreover, it is environmental friendly compare to pages and pages that made from real papers. To those green lovers, they have kick off this habit and swap to the smart phone for ages.

    Do you remember our very first invention of tablet by Amazon? That's the birth of ebook. No, Amazon Tablet is not convincing enough for the change from paper book to ebook but will iPad and Samsung Galaxy do better than this? If every home owes an iPad, that will be less people buying books and so less trees will be cutting down and that clearly show that an evolution from bookstore to ebookstore and our dictionary will have a new word call ebookstore.

    Hey, do you remember the game that we used to play together? What's the name again? MONOPOLY.... yes, monopoly is the name! Do you remember how fun we used to count those paper money and that's the only game that give me the satisfaction of counting faux paper money. Then few years ago, they have change the game from paper money to credit card type for environmental friendly reason and I was like... WTH??!! What's the fun of playing the game anymore??!! And you know what, you can even play monopoly on computer now. I remember playing it for the whole day with my beloved housemate, Rikki and Mehdi to decide on the loser wash the dishes. And yesterday, I just found out that you can even play it on iPad, when I caught my hubby playing it. Not just monopoly, many more other board games that is available on oour phones and tablets. They made more interesting games on this digital thing than on paper with the colourful animation and better sound effect. So why people buy more these board games. For their children??? Nahhhhhh......

    Gosh... I must really pick up what I have left behind. The technology flies so fast that I can't be on the fast pace. Do you think the same way too??

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