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    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Why Everybody Fancy ANGRY BIRD?

    What is so fantastic about angry bird. I really wonder. Even the radio and TV been mentioning it for so many times. For goodness sake, My BIL even told me to download it and said it is very addictive. I got bored after 5 minutes of playing cos I can't get the way to kill the pig and I GAVE UP!

    But today, apparently is the Angry Bird day. Too bad that we can't go to the event because I am bring another Angry Bird to see our dream house (will post it the next time).

    I made an effort to go a little bit of google search about the Angry Bird and found out that they are going to publish an egg recipe book due to the fact that they are very popular.

    Besides, people getting so into Angry Bird that they have made their food into 'Angry Bird'


    Angry Bird Cake (

    Angry Bird Cookies (Source:

    Angry Bird Cupcakes (Source:

    Omg... too much of Angry Bird nonsense.

    What so interesting about the Angry Bird? Why don't they name it Blue Bird or Red Bird or Yellow Bird like the it exist in the game? And you know what, my hubby actually got hook up in the game.... Oh no...

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