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    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Why men never want to be in the shoes of their women after marriage!!!

    Everyday, Jim comes home from work tired and exhausted after catering to his boss's every need and dealing with the never ending demands of his company's clients. He has to wake up early at 6 in the morning in order to avoid the jam and yet he has leave the office late due to the heavy work load before fighting through mind numbing traffic jam to reach home.

    Over dinner, Jim  shared with his wife, Ana, who is in charge of taking care of the house and their two kids how lucky she was and how much he was suffering.  Jim's wife tells him that he was wrong and the next thing you know, they both got into a very loud and heated argument over who had it worst. Jim than said the one thing he never should. He told his wife to get down on her knees and pray with him to God to switch their body for one day so that they each might experience what the other person's day was like. God heard their prayers and granted them their wish, being almighty and magnificient that he is.

    Jim woke up as Ana and Ana woke up as

    Now before Jim wakes up, Ana is up already around 5.45 to prepare breakfast for Jim and the kids. While Jim is in the shower getting ready for work, Ana is already getting out his workclothes for him before proceeding to waking up the kids and dressing up them up for school. While Jim is having his breakfast, Ana is making sure their two kids eat their breakfast properly. As Jim leaves for work, Ana has to dropped off the kids at school and on the way home, she has to stop by the grocery store to buy the groceries. Ana than goes about cleaning up after her breakfast and washing the clothes. Ana than has to prepare lunch for herself and the kids before fetching them from school. After fetching the kids from school, she than has to helps the kids with their homework before driving them out for their tuition. She than quickly heads home to prepare dinner before heading out to pick the kids up from tuition. Straight after dinner, she has to wash up the dishes before sweeping the floor and moping up.

    After an exhausting day, Ana crawls into bed and Jim starts cuddling up to her, getting all touchy and kissing her. This leads to sex and Ana was already dead tired. The only thing she could do was be glad that the next day, life will get back to normal.

    However the next day, Jim woke up as Ana again. Jim was scared and cried to God for help in despair. God appeared out of nowhere, being dashing and stylish as ever. God told Jim that he couldnt switch their body until nine months later as there was now a baby growing inside him!!!        

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