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    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Alison is INJURED

    8 months ago, Alicia had had a high fever and was admitted into the hospital for 3 days. And this time round, my poor Alison were the one who was admitted to the hospital. If you are also a parent, you would have understand this. My kids are learning how to walk and so are Alicia and Alison. Alison was walking but she ripped and fall and hit the wall next to her. At first, no one realise how bad it was as she still smile and playing with us. Till the night comes, she couldn't sleep, and she couldn't stop crying (it must be the pain). My husband and I realise something was wrong but don't know what had happened. Just when the father was holding her and touch her head, he realised that the right part of the head was swollen. The worst part was, it is so soft as if skull they were just born.

    We got panic and immediately we sent her to Assunta Hospital and to our horror, we found out that her skull has a crack. The doctor told us to do a CT scan to see if there is any internal bleeding. Again, my mom and I came home worrying and crying the whole night. Praying that she will be ok. The CT scan came out that she has some internal bleeding. I couldn't sleep for the whole night until I see the doctor tomorrow to know if my baby need an operation. Cruel. She is just a baby.

    We met this surgeon, Dr. Halili and he is real nice doctor. He told us not to worry about Alison, the crack will recover in 2 weeks time and the bleed is too minor to do any operation. Thanks God. We just have to watch out the baby if she still vomitting. My family and I stay in and out of the hospital as if we were on holiday. God... The worst thing is OH Well, let's not mention about it.

    Alison stay in there for 3 nights and now she is being discharged. And will be sleeping with mummy and daddy for the time being.

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