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    Friday, July 22, 2011

    Fun in HOSPITAL

    I know what's in your mind. Because I think it that way too.

    But come on... we were here for 3 freaking days. You don't know how horrible it's feel like to be. How miserable I was with my kids over there. And obviously everyone was upset about it including my princesses. Alison barely can smile.

    Apart from feeling scare and and miserable, we enjoy our last day in the hospital. I should always remind my baby Alison that what had happened to her before and hopes that she will not be naughty and fell down again.

    First Day:

     Alison looks so moody and upset.

    Third Day:

     See, they love playing cards.

     Yes, that's her trying to crawl to the slides. Sighzz...Never learn!

     Did you see her hand, poor Alison had the glukose drips into her vein.

     See how much weight she lose? God, if Marie France needs a baby ambassador, she probably gets the job.

    Alison is still under curfew and still sleeping together with mom and dad until her bungalow bump disappear which takes 2-3 weeks time. Finger cross nothing else.


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