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    Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Room MakeOver 1: How to turn shoe boxes into beautiful boxes

    As I said earlier, I have been really busy on my work. Not to mention about my idiotic seller who did a last minute blackout on me. Sighzzz.... life is full of dramas. Since it is a day for riot, so proclaim an off day for myself to clear out things that I no longer needed and rearrange all my stuffs. Otherwise, I will have to wait till GodKnowsWhen I am free to do it.

    I have a problem recently. It is the sales. Yes, I have been buying lots of shoes recently even before the sales and please let me about how much I could save by just waiting for the sale  T_T. If you didn't know, I am a size 3 person, so only certain stores like vincci and vincci + has my size. I prefer vincci + shoes as it remarkable for its comfort. And yes, I am using vincci + shoe boxes to make all these. I just realise the boxes has got different sizes to fit different shoes. Oh well... come let's get it started.

    Here's the ingredients for making the boxes:

    #1 The major one, shoe boxes
    #2 Some pretty wrapping papers

    #3 Cellophone tape and scissors.

    #4 Double sided tapes and some Washi Masking Tapes or ribbons

    Here's the steps:

    #5 Put the shoe box in the middle of the paper to measure the correct amount of paper needed.
    #6 Fold the excess paper so and apply double sided tape on it so that the excess paper will not look messy.

    #7 Wrap the entire box with the wrapping paper and make sure to hide all the excess paper.

     #8 Just like this, the edge look neat and tidy

    #8 Repeat the above steps with the lid of the shoe box but another shade of colour wrapping paper and decorate the border with a washi tape or ribbon.

    The results:

    #9 This is my favourite one, I decorated it with a green ribbon and some rhinestones. You can get rhinestones from here at very affordable price.

     #10 This one looks a little like kimono. Love it!

    #11 This is the one that I show you how to make it.

    Do you like my beautiful boxes? Start making now!!

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