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    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Room MakeOver 2: Store Your Earrings, Cosmetics and Hair Accessories,

    We women has been remarkable for excessive shopping. I consider myself as a moderate shopaholic however still, I have got so many cosmetics, earrings and hair accessories as a result of temptation. I think buying is easy. Storing will be another problem. Thanks god, I found some good solution for storing them.

    I used to see my cousin has this iron earring holder but they are expensive and can only hold up to a certain number of earrings. Worst thing is you have to put your earrings back in the order as if the earring holder is wearing it. It is too troublesome. No good for lazy people like me after one whole day of work.

    #1 Earring holders that you can get it ranging from RM100 and above.

    I got a good solution for my earrings. Which is this:

     #2 My idea of earrings compartment. You see, I can put so many pair of earrings now and I could just damp them into the right compartment after use. I only paid RM 40 for this. If you are interested in getting one of this, please let me know.

    For the past few months, I have been looking for this  item from Ikea, it is call Anordna Lyx. Cost probably RM70 for the whole set. I am prepare to paid for it but the item has been discontinued. Again T_T....

     #3 Anordna Lyx comes in a set of 3 trays.

    While I was cleaning up my stuffs, I found this, my old wooden watches compartment.

    #4 My wooden compartment giving me great saving and see, I can put all of my cosmetics perfectly.

    Last but not least, my clips. I bought SKUBB box with compartments from Ikea.

    #5 SKUBB

    #6 Now, this how my drawer looks like. Thanks to Ikea SKUBB and the little transparent compartment.

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    1. good work but i can eep my things in better way than these stupid ways


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