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    Monday, November 28, 2011



    It has been a long time since I talk to my dear reader. It sounds like as if I just came back from out of space. Pretty much busy... yes, I know you don't want to know how busy I am but I am very happy recently. One of the reason is because of my new work place. And yes, I got a new job, at last, something relevent to what I have studied all these while. My three years spent in UK were not wasted, and of course, my dear mummy is so happy. Also, my colleagues are so friendly and helpful, probably not all, but least the majorities are. Our company is a very happening company. Guess what, is my first time in my life playing bowling. I join the bowling league but no, I didn't get in to any top 10, I got #14, should said is the #1 from backward counting. Lol... We also have badminton competition starting next week. Sounds like fun, isn't it? Most importantly, they really make me exercise more.

    Secondly, my husband has got his job as well. The clever boy manage to bargain with his boss to increase his pay. The hilarious part is that, he uses 'he bring good feng shui to the company' as an excuse. I laughed, but definately somethine worth laughing.

     Now we both are so busy, our dear princesses were taken care of by my dear mummy who loves her grand-daughter so dearly. We miss them a lot but seeing my mummy is so much happy now, is definately worth it! (well, we have the benefit of quiet time too.... hehe...)

    This year definately much more stable for us, the tiger family. We have finally see some silver linning. If everything goes well, we hope that we can buy a house by this year, if not, early next year.

    Oh yea, stay tune with Jady Cloud, I have some entertaining video of my pretty princesses for you. Yes only you.

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