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    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    You are the apple of my eye

     This movie is nothing new to those have already watched it. Few weeks ago, I went to watch a movie with my dearest high school mate. Yes, one of them are back from UK, my best one. It has been ages since I last watched a movie and not to mention about watching it with my closest friend. This sale of the movie tickets apparently break the Harry Potter's record. The movie really touches my heart. It reminds me of my high school days whereby I used to admire this idiot guy for so freaking long, 3 years if I am not mistaken. The feeling all came back to me and the idiot me cried in the cinema for THREE time, yes, I repeat, THREE freaking times. WTF, right?

    By the way, let me clear this out, I no longer have any feeling for him but I am so sure that everyone has their high school love. The thing that remind me the most is I did had an arguement with that guy and we ignore each other for months and finally, a day before I left for UK, I called him up and we talked for few hours I remember. I only managed to sleep for 1 hour and my whole face look so pale and ugly in the plane, goshhhh.... for love sake. And I remember watching Ashton Kutcher's 'A lot like love' in the plane and again, I cried because I think Ashton Kutcher looks a lot like him and again, WTF? And those were the days, now I can laugh about it while blogging it. So, do you too have the same story? I hope you enjoy the movie like I do.

    Are you even curious how the female character looks like? Here you go:

    Besides, I have also bought the book and started reading it. Finding the original story is slightly different comparing to the movie. However it is, I hope you guys enjoying it.

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