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    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Team Building 2011

     As I mention in my earlier post, I have been very happy working with my current company. Last week, we just had our team building. Although this is my third month of working, it feels like I have already known my colleague for ages. The best part is, my boss is the super duper cool boss. Let's talk about our team building (too bad, no picture to show T_T). We had our team building in Avillion Cove, Port Dickson, yea no biggies but this is my first time to PD, believe it or not. That's how jakun Jady Cloud is.

    Of course, we had lots of fun, including those that were thrown into the swimming pool and the drunken nights we had in PD. Obviously we all show our siliest moment of life other than being serious in the office. Guess what, our team is the 3rd one so close to the last team (cos only 4 teams in total). Well, that's not what I wanted to share, cos I think everyone has almost the same thing during team building. I just wanted to say, mine is different. At the end of the training, our beloved boss gave a speech and I think it is very meaningful. He told us that, he wanted to make our working place, a fun place and yes he did by installing Karaoke in our office. The second thing is that he wants to starts a welfare fun for the staffs..... I wonder will he have a fund for both Alicia and Alison lol..... Aww..... I just enjoy seeing my company grow.

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