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    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    Jady's life with 8-5 job

     Wow.... it seems like Jady have not been updating her life for a long long time....

    Yes, she is still alive. kicking and punching.


    Lots of my colleague been very envy of me because my mother, has been helping me to take care of my twins while I am able to work full time. Yes, thanks God that my mom is helping. But one thing they really didn't know is that I have been really busy with my work, without my mom's help, it is impossible.

    8.30 to 5.30 job is not my dream. I know I am not the type of person that can stick in the office cube and work accordingly. It surprise me that I love my job. This probably because I have been studying this for 3 years in university and the interest have been buried in me.

    Other than my full time job, I have been working my business online, in which this is nothing new to everyone that knows me. Coming home with the half dead body and yet I am still sticking my face to the laptop. Trying to make a million is norm but my dream was just a million ringgit. A dream to own a Cessna is still far far away from I have been doing.

    After a long day working OT, sometimes I have some time for myself doing some reading. (Forget about TIME and FORTUNE which I have not been reading them and have been piling up) Recently I have known a colleague that have we both have similar interest in reading autobiography books especially something about the Qing Dynasty. And he have been borrowed me two interesting books that I would like to share. A Chinese book titled 皇朝的背影:我在慈禧身边的日子.

     and the other book was The Last Enunch which is a famous book talking about Sun Yaoting's life time.

    Besides reading, I have been spending wonderful time with both my princesses during the weekend. Sometimes I have to admit that they are such a pain but right now both of them know how to call me 'mummy'. It melt my heart away when they call me 'mummy'. My mom always tells me that 'You don't know how I feel until you are a mother yourself!' Which I find it is true. No one actually know how I feel being a mother unless the person herself is a mother. Chinese idiot says "Rare a child for 100 years, worry 99 years.

    By the way, I am laying alone on my bed writing these because I am not feeling well. So, how envy a person can be of me?

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