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    Saturday, July 7, 2012

    Bad Day - Gastric

    Honestly, I always have this gastric problem since I started working. I always wonder how the hell did I get this horrible sickness. And you know what, I have been telling everyone that stomachache is my favourite past time aka hobby. So far in this company I have taken 2 MC which is due to gastric, what else man?

    My last MC, I spent about RM 600 on medical. I consulted 2 doctors. The first one I went to was the Chinese Medical doctor who gave me bottles and bottles of soya sauce drink. The second doctor I went to was actually his son, an eye specialise. What a cool doctor in the world! Funny enough, I have forgotten to get my MC letter from his mother but I got it from his son, an eye specialist. When I pass it to the HR department, she look at me and asked 'I thought you had a gastric?' I don't know how should I explain to the poor lady... ended with a smile instead.

    After the Chinese Medicine, I feel much better and haven't been getting my 'hobby' for a long time. But this time round it came back to me.... It is sickening. I realise I can't consume any alcohol. Last night it was one of our colleague's belated birthday celebration, we went to Movida and ended up with a horrible gastric today. I really didn't drink much, just 3 or probably 4 small whisky glass of beer. But I did have some Earl Grey in the afternoon. Gosh... I can still feel the pain right now. Plus the fact that I am gonna have a long day today, it already begin with a bad day.

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