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    Monday, July 9, 2012

    Usher's Step-Son Declared Brain Dead

    Another breaking news that shocked me.


    "Usher's 11-year-old stepson has been declared brain dead by doctors following an accident Sunday when he was struck by a jet ski,
    Kyle Glover, son of Usher's estranged wife Tameka Foster, has not experienced any brain activity since he was admitted to the hospital, but there has been no decision yet as to whether or not to take him off life support, sources tell TMZ.
    Usher arrived at the hospital last night and Tameka has not left the hospital since she got there, sources tell TMZ.
    Despite Usher's acrimonious divorce from Foster, he chartered a plane for Tameka, who was out of town, to be by her son's side.
    Glover was sitting in an inner tube on Lake Lanier when he was hit in the head. He was unresponsive when he was taken out of the water. 
    Robin Hill, a rep for the Department of Natural Resources (Wildlife Resources Division), tells TMZ the department's Critical Incident Response Team will recreate the accident on the lake to help determine what happened. Using special computer programs, they will attempt to figure out how fast the boats were going at the time of the accident.
    Hill says that rangers have been in touch with the driver of the jet ski and remain in contact with him. Once the department completes their investigation, they will turn their recommendation over to the district attorney who would then decide whether or not to file charges." news picked from

    This is what I heard from the radio this morning while driving to work. Recently lots of things have paranoid me and this is one of it. As I am already mother of two, I can understand how Tameka feels. Let's pray for this poor boy and wish for miracle to happened to him.

    #1 Kyle Glover together with his mother Tameka Foster.

    #2 Kyle Glover with his step-dad Usher.
    Usher who in 2001 began dating former TLC member Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, who had a child with producer Dallas Austin Their relationship lasted for two years: they broke up in December 2003. In February 2004, Thomas claimed that Usher cheated on her: Following their break-up, Usher briefly dated English supermodel Naomi Campbell in September 2004. It was rumoured that Usher dumped Naomi Campbell because he was furious that the supermodel wouldn’t accompany him to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Naomi is spreading a different version of events.

    In January 2007, he proposed to his girlfriend Tameka Foster, a stylist. She has a son from when she was a teenager, as well as two sons with Atlanta clothier Ryan Glover. I don't know why Usher always has a crash on mothers? Probably woman that given birth are HOT! In February 2007, Usher announced their engagement. Their son Usher Raymond V was born on November 26 of the same year.On December 10, 2008, Tameka gave birth to their second child, Naviyd Ely Raymond. The rumour has it that Naviyd Ely Raymond is not Usher's son and that's why Usher asked Tamera for a DNA test which then lead to the divorce. How true this is, no one actually know. The couple's divorce was finalized in Fulton County Court November 4, 2009.

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