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    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    What Is A Happy Marriage?

    What is criteria for both couple to be husband and wife? Just an 'I do'? Or a whole life time of sacrify?

    I was thought that it must be fate that both my husband and I met each other and gotten married. It is indeed. However, I have also met a few couples that had a convenient marriage that destroy their whole life.
    I always remember how my hubby used to joke, '1 night of pleasure, 20 years of suffering'. Yes, he is talking about our daughters. It has to be his biggest joy in his life that he is able to joke so. I have come to meet couples that really thinks that their marriage is disaster, especially woman. The scariest part is, I have read newspaper recent and to find murderer slaughter lovers. Nigga please, if you really love the person would you love to see him / her banish and disappear from the world? I don't understand and will never understand what kind of selfish love is this.

    What have make me wrote all this was my conversation with a friend of mine. She told me that after decades of years she marriage to find out that her husband and her are not compatible. In terms of, hobby, parents-in-law, friends and even conversation, they could find anything in common. The only they could talk about is their child. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Honestly, what is marriage? At this point in time, I don't even know if I am happily married or am I the person who is giving. Obviously I have see myself ageing drastically especially over the last 2 years. I am not whinning, I see happiness in myself, but I know that I have so much worries that I ever had. Having children is not something that one can say, 'leave them alone and they will grow'. No! And no matter how well you well them, educate them, in the public's eye, I am just a infant mother and I shall know nothing about their further and as well as their upbringing. That's hurt me the most.

    This afternoon, I saw this guy (a friend of my friend) brought along a Chinese girl to my office. When I say Chinese girl which means she is from China. Through our conversation, he mention he has a wife and when he introduce me to the girl, he said is his girl friend. He looks young and the girl is even younger, just around my age. He is rich. I am just wonder if all the man who turn out to be rich will have a second choice just like 'changing his tie sometime to suits his mood'? Or is it Malaysia girls are too demanding and hard to please? You know what, thinking about all these, making me scare for nothing.
    My dream, obviously is to grow old with my husband. See each of us grow wiser and nurture through our life experiences. You scratch my back and I scratch your back. Do you think it does exist? Please share with me, if you have one. Otherwise, let me share with you what real couples actually do. Don't laugh.... lol...

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