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    Friday, July 6, 2012

    Who is guilty? - Stories from a proud mummy.

    Being a mother is no easy task. I was rushing up and down from KL to Klang just to see my daughters every weekend. They have grown a lot since you last saw them. And yes, it is very irresponsible of me by not posting their pictures more often. They have become so adorable especially they are learning how to speaks. They talk a lot, but most of time they speaking baby language. Poor mummy and daddy have to guess what are they trying to say. We just assume as we understand them but most of the time we interpretate them wrongly. Sometimes when I told my colleague how smart my daughters are that they are able to understand so and so. They will just said that I am 'blowing water'. How difficult it is for a baby human to understand an adult human. And you know what, I got this hilarious video which I want to share with you. Watch this first and we will talk later.

    You know what I mean by now? Can you see that? Even dogs are able to understand human. And why can't baby? These people are hilarious in some way. I can't blame them for not understand how I feel cos they are not even parents as yet and would they understand what a pround mummy will behave. There are a few happy memories that happened that I would like to share.

    Back to the proud mummy's story. Nowadays we have potty trainned them which means they are no longer wearing their diapers. They know how to sit down and pee by their know. But the funny part is they hasn't got to know how to take of their own pants. So one fine day as the nature's calling, they went to their musical potty and start to pee into the potty without taking of their pants!

    And now that they already acted like half adult, they like to use our powerful words. One day while my mom handed both my daughters a bottle of Yukult each, the young one has finished hers which the elder one was playing with it. My mom said to the elder one 'please give to your sister if you don't want it.' While saying this, my mom was trying to take the Yakult away from her, her immediate reaction was to say 'Noway!' My mom have a shock of her life!

    My youngest one is always the fierce little tiger. The reason why I say so is because she is the one who bullies her elder sister by bitting her. The loving elder sister never fight back neither does complaint about the pain. One day we were having our dinner in a hotel while she told her father 'water' when she wants to drink water. My busy husband was speaking to my mom and ignore the lovely baby. She got agitated and next thing she did was to scream 'WATER' and that was when my hubby started to look at her and handed the bottle of water to her. Instead of drinking her water in peace, she pointed at her father and started to scold her father in baby language.

    More stories about my two little ones and I bet I can't blog all of them in a post. I will continue to do so more often. Promise.

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