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    Saturday, October 27, 2012

    I Left Development Industry for Good

     Awww.... I can't believe it either.
    What have I done?!!

    Exactly a year ago, I was an innocent young woman who was ambitious enough to think of owning a Cessna get into development industry. To be honest, I have never regreted getting into this industry as I was given good opportunity and bosses over there gloomed me. After a year, I just realise that I need to leave. I fell so stroung about leaving the company that no one could stop me, including the Chairman. He respect my decision and I couldn't stop myself from sheering tear. Thinking about my colleagues, my good bosses and the joyful working environment that I'll be missing. Sighzzz..... one has to do what she has to do, I thought to myself. Yeap, that's something happened in the office that I felt I have to leave. Oh well, let put it this way, I am pursuing my dream. To be frankly honest, I studied in the UK to be a future valuer. As time flies by, I realise I am just wasting my time in the development industry for not getting myself a license which allow me to move further in my life. And so I left.

    The moment I left, I have got 7 job interviews to do. The first one, funny, he told me that I presented myself too well to be a valuer. Nah, fuck you, you have no taste and I won't work for you! Not to mention about the low pathetics salary I have to endure. The second one has got only 7 staffs in the company. Funny, over a decade he only manage 7 people... suspicious! The third which is then I choosen to be working with right now. The fourth one is a firm which is full of indians. Ok, I am not racist but then imagine you have to work in an environment whereby you will be hearing the language you won't be understand at all plus the fact that the building don't even have sufficient parking space to fit your small car. The fifth one is my second choice whereby it is one of the big five, and the whole place is well renovated. Hmmmm.... nice.... but the place is in city center plus it has no carpark. Again, screw it, I don't work in a building that can fit my lovely darling!
    And the final one, cancel. THANKS GOD!

    Now it has been about 3 months I have left the old company and 2 months into my property consultant industry. If you are asking, how's work? OK. How's colleagues? Hmmmmm.... OK. How's sallary? Hmmmmmmmmmm......... OK. In conclusion everything is just so so. The problem with me is that, I can't completely leave my old company. Why do I say so? It is because they misses me and so am I. Wakaka... Every now and then, they will message me which brighten up my day. I do hope that we keep in touch and stay in friend (at least).

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