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    Sunday, April 7, 2013

    Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year. Olala... I have been missing again, am I?

    It has been a wonderful year, must be.

    I have taken nearly six month off from my blogging industry or should I just mention about my non-commitment in blogging?

    Oh well, for this week itself has been real hectic. My mom has taken her leave from taking care of my two little ones and she is now happily living in Cyprus for at least another 5 good days while I am crazily taking care of my kids, the word I just used is crazily. Not to mention about my hubby's granny just passed away during the first day of new year.

    Hmmm...., today is the third day of new year. What have I done so far? Had a great time reunion with my hubby and kids in setia city mall. On the first day of CNY, feel a little lazy so only visited my aunty and that was when the bad news arrived. Well I shouldn't be saying is a bad news as it might be a good news.

    Some people said it is good to pass away during CNY especially when you are nearly 100 years old and have 5 generation. Yes I can't help but to agree with it especially wearing red during CNY and having funeral which wears red as well. Double happiness! On the other hand, I feel a slight relieve for the granny as she is too old to be able to walk or talk, and couldn't even recognise some of the children. I would think she would be suffering less. Over her funeral, everyone was talking about how her granny was and yadah yadah yadah.... I guess she will always be remembered by her granddaughter.

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