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    Sunday, April 7, 2013

    My AW Journey

    It has been awhile since I last touch my blog. Is not that I don't love my diary anymore, but my life have change drastically since I last resigned.

    Have you guys heard of a leadership programme, let initial it as AW. It could be very obvious for someone else who have been there. No, I am not selling things over here but is just a sharing. I just completed my whole AW journey last year December. It just took me so long to blog it as I was terribly busy (ok, my victimise story).

    Basically, I went for my basic in 2008 when my husband and I were dating each other and he is the one who bring me to the guest event. Without any doubt, I just signed for the basic as I strongly want to be with my hubby (bf at that time). And so, I went for the first day and then MIA for the second as I got food poisoned. I didn't get the chance to for the next training as I was heading back to the uk for the coming week. In 2011, after married and gave birth to the twins, I finally remembered my $$$$ that I have placed in AW and they insist no refund and hence I return to complete my training. During the basic, I have realise something that is so precious to me and yet I have neglected it, my mother. I know that you guys must be thinking that I must be dumb, this is human nature that we take things for granted at all times. After struggling for a year without my mom's support, I finally patched back with my mom. This is what I have gain in my basic and many more in terms of my career and my financial.

    In the late 2012, as I have last mentioned that I quit my job. I was terribly down that time. I do not know what future is going to lead me and so my hubby suggested I go back to AW to complete my advance which I did and then my LP later. Well the rest of the story is too personal to be share here. I have used 4 months to completed them and then now I am a confident person as I always like myself to be.

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