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    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    How Did We Buy Our House?

    We have been dreaming of owning our own house for a long long time...

     Yes! Finally we have finally completed one of our goal! It may sound so easy to say it here but the whole process is like this....

    And it took me like almost 6 months to choose the right house to stay, not to mention about the extremely expensive houses nowadays. Yeah.... and we did it!!! Yes, our very own house!!!

    I have bought this house like last year April. Around October 2011, I have been house hunting around the Klang Area close to Setia Alam (I prefer the area because it is close to my mom and not because of the price). Finally we decided to buy to best alternative area which is close very close to my mom's place plus a it is a house I really like.

    And so the next week, I brought my hubby along to the house and he likes the house just as much as I do.

     We spoke to the owner of the house and paid an earnest deposit to the owner. About a month later, we were to ask to sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement and there we go... we own the house and of course the key.

    Right now our house is under renovation and will be soon to reveal... stay tune...

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