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    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    How Move House Professionally

    I have a two words to summarize what I have been doing recently.

    MOVING HOME is the one.

    And yes, I have just moved to a new house, a new community, but in a same old town of Klang. I know you are as excited as me. Let me tell you this, it only takes us 3 freaking hours for us to move from Serdang to Klang. Yes, only 3 hours for complete moving. Having said that, it takes us more than a week to unpacking. I am saying that because we are still unpacking. Every night I’ll return home with a goal of complete unpacking something and I still fail of doing so. As I returned home, I am exhausted but I am excited with my kitchen so, I’ll stay in there for an hour or so to do some cooking for my family. By the time I finish my meal, chit-chatting with my family it is time to go to bed. 

    After this moving, I have learned my leason:

    1)      Categories your things and place them into the same box.

    2)      Label your box and BE SPECIFIC e.g. Clothes (and whose clothes?)

    3)      When seal your boxes, always remember to tape it a few times.

    4)      Never use oversized box – consider your own ability

    5)      Place all boxes at the side of your main door a night before the moving.

    6)      ALWAYS do spring cleaning before packing up things as those unwanted will be thrown away a few days earlier and the rubbish will not accumulate till the last day.

    7)      When boxes are in your new house, make sure you segregate the boxes to the right room!!

    I promised that I’ll show the pictures of my home but looks like at the moment there isn’t any presentable picture to show. Most of my furniture is not here yet and some are not bought yet because we are short of cash at the moment (honestly).

    I have no idea when my house will be completely complete but my goal is by SEPTEMBER!!!! Yes, return again by September to see my house picture. Meanwhile, I am getting my life sorted… bills to be paid off and things to buy.

    Welcome the new poor maid of the year!!!

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