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    Thursday, June 6, 2013

    To Professor Amy Chua

    Do you have a letter that you always wanted to send it out but somehow or rather you didn't. It could be that you didn't have the guts to do, you might not have the complete address or you chicken out the last minute. I have this letter that I wanted to send it way back in last year. When I wrote this letter, it feels like writing a motivational letter to your secret lover, yes she is much like my secret lover after I have read her famour book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom. Sounds interesting to those who have not read it but it is a uhh ahh to those who did read about this powerful and inspiring woman.

    Last year, she was known as one of the 100 most influential person in the world. She wasn't that kind of celebraties that have big boobs or great features that you will be envy all over her but she is just powerful as the way she is. I admire her guts to have her memoirs published and her well preserved as an asian despite an overwhelm criticism of her parenting skill.

    Coming back to the letter, I have wrote this just after I read her book and after I read about her on the TIME magazine. Here's the content of the letter that I wish to express myself. Is kinda funny when I read it again.


    To : Professor Amy Chua
           Professor of Law,
           Yale Law School,
           United States.

    From Jady Cloud
             A Tiger Mum of Two

    Dear Professor,

    Even though we might be different in many ways, but I too have a Tiger Mum and after I read your book about raising your children by following the strict traditional way,  it reinforce my determination to raise my twin daughters in the same manner in Malaysia.

    When I read Time Magazine 100 Most Influential  People in the World ,  I was shocked to see that your name was there!!!

    As the fourth generation descendant of immigrants who came to Malaysia from China to seek a better life, it would be a shame if my two daughters were to suffere because of my actions.

    My grandfather was a carpenter and so was his father too.
    By the way, Professor, my two girls were born in the year of the Tiger as well just like you and me. My mother had a hard time raising me up as she had to do it by herself. My mother has come a long way and she managed to send me overseas to complete my degree and get a master as well.   

    So, I end this with a good luck with all the hate messages and the requirement to defend yourself over and over again.

    Yours faithfully,

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